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Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius

24 February
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Movie lover, night owl, optimist, multishipper, graduated English major


I ♥: fiction, heist stories, fierce ladies, men in nice suits, competence, witty words and snark, chocolate covered strawberries, Guitar Hero


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all permutations of ariadne/arthur/eames, all the aus, andrew garfield's ridiculous face, anne bishop, ariadne, ariadne/yusuf, arthur, athrun zala, avenging avengers of 2012, band of brothers, black hawk down, bones, bucky barnes, bucky/anybody, bucky/darcy, burn notice, cagalli yula athha, captain jack sparrow, casino royale, chronicles of narnia, clint barton, clint/darcy, comics, cooking, crime dramas, criminal minds, cumberbatch the flawless, darcy lewis, darcy/anybody, eames, editing, emily prentiss, ewan mcgregor, fantasy lit, fiona glennane, firefly, guitar hero, gundam seed, gundam wing, h50, history, hugging, ilona andrews, inception, james bond, james mcavoy, jamie bamber, jeremy renner, jesse eisenberg, joseph gordon-levitt, karl urban, kat dennings, kate daniels, keira knightley, kira yamato's angst fest, kono kicking ass, lacus clyne, laughing at myself, laughing in general, law & order, liam neeson, literature, lord peter wimsey, martin freeman, marvel movie verse, matthew gray gubler, mercy thompson, michael turner, movies, mu la flaga, murrue ramius, music, ncis, neal caffrey, noises off, patricia c. wrede, peggy carter, penelope garcia, person of interest, phil coulson, pirates of the caribbean, pride and prejudice, rachel weisz, seanan mcguire, sherlock bbc, southland, spencer reid, sports, star wars, steve mcgarrett, the closer, toby daye, toby's tybalt, tom hardy, top chef, tsn, war movies, white collar, witty quotes, writing, x-men, ziva david, zoe saldana, zombies