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03 December 2013 @ 04:54 pm
Hello friends! Just a quick post to let you know that I'll be hiatusing for a few weeks. I'm heading out of town for a family wedding. Hanging out with my cousins, lots of delicious food, can't wait! I'll probably still be updating my Pinboard with new links in the meantime. Short reclist below and just a few things:

1) RIP Paul Walker. It still doesn't feel real.

2) crack_van is closing in Jan 2014. :( I'll miss it a lot; it was a great go-to resource for me, esp with my tendency to randomly start reading fic in really old fandoms.

3) I was driving to work yesterday and saw a truck with the following moniker: "College hunks hauling junk" and also "Get tomorrow's leaders to haul away your junk." *___________________* All the fic ideas ever, omg, ALL OF THEM. aredblush and I tossed a few back and forth on twitter, in capslock of course (Eames cleaning out the family manse and finding an Arthur, Stiles needing to make some extra dough for college tuition and helping quiet grad student Derek, an extremely complicated Pacific Rim AU that I may try to snippet!fic with Nic and Nas etc etc), and we realized it could apply to every fandom and now I want it so badly. If someone decides to run with this, please link me! New go to prompt, activate!!

4) Watched the latest Resident Evil movie with my dad and was seriously bowled over by how bad it was. This was like, Ultraviolet bad. Nothing made sense, every actor pronounced every line in the most robotic way possible. It was as if they were told to move and act as if they were literally reenacting the video game, which would go with the whole trend of the characters narrating every action as they did them. Every. Action. >_<

5) A short list this time: Mostly TW and AvengersCollapse )
14 November 2013 @ 12:16 pm
Hi everyone! It's been a tough month. Crazy things are happening all over the world, work has been kicking my butt, and my allergies are making me miserable. But there are good things going on too. I've watched some great movies and I'm watching the Tempest tmr with friends. I have a job and my family and a hot chocolate sitting next to my keyboard. I hope everyone is staying warm (or cool) and having a great week. ♥

1) Signal boost! Please consider participating in the fundraiser for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

2) foxxcub is hosting an awesome Agents of SHIELD ficathon. And there's an aos_bigbang; signups are open till January. This past week's episode of AoS was really fun and from a fanon perspective, chock full of awesome things. :)

3) Also! Sign ups for pacrimreversebb are open till Feb 3!

4) Who else has seen Thor 2?! Please come and party with me in the comments because akls;jflkajdskflja IT WAS SO GOOD! \o/ I loved everything about it! :D

As always, cobweb_diamond has written a great review that is worth checking out.

5) A bunch of recs: TW, tons of Avengers, and assorted othersCollapse )
15 October 2013 @ 04:19 pm
Hello, darlings! Sorry for the brief absence. There was a lot going on, including some family stuff. My grandfather passed away a few weeks ago and I took a break from online things. His health hadn't been very good, especially in the past year, so it wasn't completely unexpected but it still took me by surprise and I just needed some time. Thank you for the kind emails and tweets and well wishes. *hugs you all*

Other random updates: we are building a sunroom addition to the back of our house which equals lots of random dudes wandering around with hammers and ladders but sadly no Hoechlin-esque biceps woe; I just finished Ender's Game and it is kinda depressing like whoah; rewatched Lucky # Slevin and was struck yet again by how much I adore Lucy Liu and her awesome

1) SUPER IMPORTANT: The Pacific Rim DVD comes out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2) Is anyone else watching Agents of SHIELD? So far I'm enjoying it; it's lighthearted and I like most of the characters (especially Agent May; I want to marry her and have her combat op babies). I think that Ward is boring, predictable, and sort of cookie cutter, but Skye is starting to become interesting, and Fitz and Simmons are adorable and have a fun dynamic.

cobweb_diamond has written great reaction posts about the pilot and episode 2.

There's also an Agents of SHIELD big bang in the works. And a Coulson fanworks exchange called alumpofcoul; sign ups started yesterday. More info on that can be found here.

3) I'm 3 episodes into the new season of Person of Interest and seriously loving it. I'm so thrilled that Shaw is now a regular; how awesome is it that the foil they added for the guy whose first option is usually violence is a kickass lady who's even more trigger happy than he is? :) Also, Fusco and Carter, cop partners for life! \o/ Also also, any episode that includes Zoe Morgan is automatically excellent. Needs more Zoe! <3

4) Charlie Hunnam is apparently no longer doing Shades of Grey. I find myself relieved on his behalf. :p

5) Longer-than-usual reclist: Mostly TW and Pacific Rim, but includes Avengers, Inception and a few othersCollapse )
17 September 2013 @ 04:45 pm
Hello darlings! I'm back from NYC and the beach! My vacation was awesome and while work isn't terrible, there are a lot of changes and some shuffling around that's making me nervous so fingers crossed. Pics and highlights from the trip next time when I'm a bit more together. PS ILU beanarie! ♥

1) There's a free for all comment ficathon currently going on and a Hockey RPF HS AU fest starting soon.

2) Yuletide nominations are now open!!!! cobweb_diamond has written a great What is Yuletide post if you're wondering why I'm so excited. :)

3) I made a giant mistake and watched End of Watch with the parentals. It is most def NOT their kind of movie and they were not happy campers, oops. Dad likes watching things explode (as one does) and all of us enjoy cop movies/dramas etc, but this one was too gritty and explicit for them (they didn't like Southland either, sadface). I'm hoping that some of the dialogue was slang enough that they didn't understand what was happening because there are some conversations no one wants to have with their parents. And why I borrowed a movie that has so much swearing it made Boondock Saints look like Touched by an Angel + lots and lots of visceral violence + some extremely frank and very explicit sex discussions is top of the list. XD All that aside, the movie was pretty good, although I didn't like the ending, since I found it somewhat unrealistic. Also, Anna Kendrick; gah I love her everything. ANNA KENDRICK ♥

Planning to watch Hansel and Gretel tonight; RENNER in leather YES. :)

4) New TV next week! SHIELD! Person of Interest! ELEMENTARY \o/ Speaking of TV, sis and I bumped into Person of Interest's Michael Emerson while we were in the Big Apple. ajksd;lfjkasldfjiej It was so surreal, especially because a) he was walking his dog (it was tiny and adorable btw) and b) he was dressed just like Finch (minus the glasses). But! More on that next time!

5) Recs! Quite a few of them, actually. Multifandom with emphasis on the TW and the Marvel movie verseCollapse )
Another update! Within the month, even! ♥

1) There's a kissing ficathon and a Pacific Rim mini bang. Sign-ups for the mini bang are running till Aug 31.

2) Avengers Reverse Bang starts posting tomorrow! \o/

3) Books: I blew through the Lies of Locke Lamora and it was one of the best things I've ever read. Clever, innovative, rich, witty, hilarious. Next on my list is the sequel and also, I really need to finish the last 20 pages of Moon over Soho so that I can finally read Whispers Underground and clear the way for next month's new books. NEW BOOKS EEEEE

4) Let's talk about movies. Or, the section where I talk about how much I hated Wolverine and how unimpressed I was with Elysium: Why Hollywood why ps major spoilers belowCollapse )

5) So! Recs aka the part of this blog most of you are here for. :) I haven't finished compiling a list of favorite TW fics yet bc I sort of got distracted and started a second list that could serve as a How to start you down the black hole that is TW fic (I probably need a catchier title) and I haven't finished either one yet. But! Here are some things I've read in the past few weeks: TW and Pacific Rim mostly, but a few others for varietyCollapse )

As an FYI, I'm going out of town soon so the TW recposts won't be posted for at least 2 weeks; if that's what you're here for, I'm sorry in advance!!
Hello, hello! I have never been away from LJ for such a long period of time. I'm so sorry for the long absence! Is anyone still here? ♥

I thought I was just taking a short break to test drive tumblr (ha. hahaha ;_____;) and then um, I sort of started reading Teen Woof fic and that is literally all I've been doing with my online free time for the past however many months (8? omg has it really been 8 months? omg). No, seriously, all I do is read TW fic with occasional breaks to tumbl pretty pictures. *facepalm* This is becoming a problem. I haven't even watched a single episode of the show (and I probably never will but that's a story for another time). And I can't seem to stop. Halp.

Stupid Tyler Hoechlin and his STUPID PERFECT FACE. UGH, this is mostly angelgazing's fault (ILU NIC), but at least 30% of the blame is Hoechlin's face and at least 10% belongs to my enabling enablers gollumgollum, mrsdrjackson, and beanarie.

So just a few things before we get to the rec lists (yes, multiple lists to make up for my epic LJ fail):

1) Signups for avengersfest are going on over here. Signups end tomorrow.

2) I started watching the Lizzie Bennet diaries on Saturday and I love them! I think Lydia is hilariously charming (I can't believe I'm saying that about a Lydia Bennet incarnation, great job, LBD) and Jane is adorable and Charlotte, ILU Charlotte Lu! I stayed up till 3:30 AM last night watching. My life decisions, omg. >_<

3) Movie stuff: So, who else saw Pacific Rim and was totally blown away by the awesome? :D Come and talk to me about Mako Mori, please! ♥ New comm: pacificrimfic and there's also a roundup tumblr. And speaking of tumblr, in case you missed it, Pacific Rim tumblr fans organized a Jaegercon, with lots of cool events and enthusiastic fans. So many cool things in the Pacific Rim tag! The art alone. *________*

4) Random TV trivia: I don't watch it much anymore, but I caught an old episode of NCIS and it *broke my heart* because Tony never has people over to his apartment, and he is a playboy who has a tiny twin bed bc he never brings ANYONE over to his place, and he has a goldfish named Kate, omg, kill me now. ;_____;

5) Reclists: Divided into TW, Yuletide, and everything elseCollapse )

Heading out to watch the Wolverine tonight. No expectations, but hopefully it's at least entertaining??
The past two weeks have been...well, kind of awful, honestly. But instead of focusing on that, here are some happier things.

holiday love meme 2012
my thread here

Link me to your threads, please, darlings! ♥

2) I've started watching Veronica Mars with a group of my friends. It's my sister's favorite TV show but I've never seen more than a handful of random episodes from the latter two seasons because she enjoys watching them out of order specifically to confuse me. IT IS SO GOOD. Why this show did not attract more attention, I will never understand. The writing is excellent, the characters are all hella interesting, and it crosses genre boundaries like they don't even exist. BEST.

3) Less than one week till the Hobbit! And wow, how much must Peter Jackson have filmed if he decided at the last minute to break it into three parts and the first part is 3 hours long? \o/

4) Star Trek Deux teaser trailer omg omg omg

5) In my continuing quest to be ridiculous confound my enablers save my free time, I haven't watched any Teen Woof, but am still reading Teen Woof AU fics like it's my job. My TW tag on Pinboard went from 2 to 38 in less than a week (thank you, aliassmith and the_ragnarok). XD My favorite so far, besides the ones I recced last time, is this college AU where Stiles and Scott are pledges caught in a prank war with Derek's fraternity. I've read a TON of great things, but since all of them are crazy popular and most of you are already in the fandom, I don't think I need to rec the others, but if you're interested, my Pinboard is here. PS: if you have any TW AU recs, please feel free to share. :)

6) Recs: Just a few bc all I've been reading is Teen Woof, helpCollapse )
29 November 2012 @ 05:10 pm
Another long absence, one I have no excuses for. *hangs head* On the bright side, I read a lot of things, so there will be lots of recs? Assuming anyone is still here, since LJ has been frightfully quiet lately. Hello, darlings! Things are a bit crazy right now, but at least it's almost the weekend!

1) New comm: harlequinbbang!

2) TV stuff: Finally caught up on the Walking Dead. S3 is my favorite so far (Carol and Daryl: brotpocalypse 4 eva), which makes up for the other bland shows I'm watching. Other than Elementary and Person of Interest, everything else I normally watch has been lackluster and boring. Or maybe that's just in comparison to Justified. XD I blew through Justified S2 so quickly and ajsdkfjsa S3 DVDs don't come out till the end of the year. :p So I started watching Revenge, which is ridiculous and dramatic but at least something is always happening. Next on my list: Downton Abbey (hopefully with gollumgollum), or possibly the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. :)

3) Other things I've watched: Skyfall (AMAZING, layered, coherent, highly entertaining, please give me all the fic about EVERYBODY), Prometheus (really enjoyed Noomi Rapace but overall only so-so, too many questions left unanswered, at least I could finally read cleolinda's m15m), Safe House (forgettable), Safe (usual Statham fare plus everyone's Mandarin was *HORRIBLE*).

cobweb_diamond, as usual, has written very interesting meta about Skyfall and its characters and costumes over here.

4) Movie news: If you like zombies, you might be interested in the trailer for Warm bodies, which looks fantastic. Per my friend cthonical, the book the movie is based on is lovely and well worth reading, too.

ajdsfkja;dsjfaljflkajfds;lkja cannot wait for next month because then there will be HOBBITSES on my screen!!! \o/ I've been mentally flailing ever since SDCC because the footage they showed us was FANTASTIC and ajkljadlkfjladf give it to us now, please!! I couldn't do a LotR marathon bc I'm already committed to a Marvel marathon this Sat, but I rewatched all three movies over Thanksgiving, and have started rereading the books to PREPARE. :DDD

My Hobbit feels gave me a super intense craving for LotR fic and I reread my favorite (actually, my only) epic rarepair fic and then I spent two weeks reading my way through my new discovery, the best_loved_sons universe. And then I purchased the Fellowship and Two Towers extended editions. And then a set of the Complete History of Middle Earth. My feels, guys, they are out of control. /o\

5) Recs A little bit of everythingCollapse )
01 November 2012 @ 02:27 pm
This will be very short since I am currently swamped by RL and because I'm still working on that Darcy appreciation post.

1) The latest LJ "upgrade" involves a system-wide friends page with infinite scroll. Since LJ has a long history of not listening to its users and I think infinite scroll is one of the worst system features ever invented, I'm going to start crossposting from DW. I won't stop posting or commenting, but I don't want to give LJ any more money. :p My DW is here; I'll be porting over my LJ as soon as I have a spare minute.

2) Happier fandom things: fandomaid has launched a campaign to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Sandy, details here! And an Elementary ficathon!

3) Movie/TV news: Awesome news about the SHIELD TV show. ajsdkfjakdf Ming Na on my TV again, can't wait! There's also a new Hansel and Gretel trailer, which continues to look campy and ridiculous and very, very bad. Bring it, RENNER. :)

But the biggest news for my geeky little heart is that Disney has bought Lucasfilm. O_O Disney has mentioned plans for an Episode VII; since Lucas will (allegedly) not be directing or writing I'm hopeful that we'll get a film that isn't filled with inane dialogue and really weird segues. I'm intrigued and apprehensive. Eps I through III, despite their weaknesses, didn't kill my love of the SW universe, although the mediocre prequel books and the horrid Legacy of the Force series came pretty close. I'm almost hoping that the new films jump generations into the future, because as much as I want to see the Solo twins and Anakin and Mara Jade on my screen, if Disney messes it up, I don't think I can stop myself from nerd raging and taking all my toys and going home. XD My Star Wars love is deep-seated and FIERCE. Please feel free to come and talk to me about Rogue Squadron and Aayla Secura and Jag Fel, darlings. ♥

4) Things I have watched: the first season of Justified and two of the three Globe productions that are showing in the theaters. I am so in love with Justified! Will probably buy S2 fairly soon because I need to know what happens next RIGHT NOW. The two Globe plays were All's well and Much ado, and they were amazing. As an extra bonus, I'd never read/seen All's well so it was like reading a brand new book, one of my very favorite things. :)) The only weird thing is that the theater was almost empty during both showings. I was pretty surprised that this wasn't better advertised. If I hadn't been on tumblr, I wouldn't have known about it either. Why would you put in all this effort and then...not market it??

Recs: Mostly AvengersCollapse )
15 October 2012 @ 03:43 pm
It's been a really exciting two weeks!

1) Things I have done:

* Caved and finally gotten a tumblr. This is so bad for my free time but whatever, I am having SO MUCH FUN! :)
* Had a brief, 10 hour fling with etsy; no money spent yet but omg so many things I want *_________*
* Purchased four books
* Finished the Fitzosbornes at War. The Montmaray Journals are one of the best things I've ever read. Please see my enthusiastic blathering about them over on tumblr. ♥

2) Zombie Coulson rises: If you were online Saturday afternoon/evening, then you've probably already heard the news because our excited and enthusiastic screaming could probably be heard four galaxies away. :D Marvel announced at NYCC that Clark Gregg will be appearing as Agent Coulson in Marvel's SHIELD TV show!!! ajskdfjaksjdfa COULSON LIVES. <3 CANNOT. WAIT. :DDDD

3) My beloved internet soulmate, aredblush, has set up an online store for her art! Please consider dropping by and taking a look. You may know Nas as the brilliant artist who did the amazing Inception Care Bears, My little Inception ponies, and You have died of dysentery. Only some of her original art is currently available at her store, but she will be making her fandom art available as prints soon; if there's something from her her art masterlist you'd particularly like to see, please drop her a line here and let her know!

4) Other fandom things: Yuletide signups are now open!! cobweb_diamond has a great introductory post on Yuletide, if you're new to fandom and wondering what all the fuss is about. :) And a new comm looperfilm!

5) Recs: Avengers heavy, with some Inception and TSNCollapse )

Phil Coulson, not so secret badass, thanks you for your conviction!